Bhim Award for 7 Hry sportspersons

CHANDIGARH: Haryana governor Jagannath Pahadia on Thursday honoured 33 outstanding sportspersons and two coaches, who brought laurels not only for the state but also for the country at various national and international sports events. The seven outstanding sportspersons were honoured with Bhim Award, the highest sports award of the state. They include Dinesh Kumar of Bhiwani (boxing), Suman Kundu of Jind (wrestling), Anil Kumar of Jhajjar (judo), Kavita of Hisar (boxing), Jayati Pathak of Yamunanagar (taekwondo), Sunita Devi of Rohtak and Gyanand Singh of Bhiwani (both for paralympics athletics). These players were given a cash award of Rs 2 lakh each, apart from Bhim's idol, a scroll, a blazer and tie. Other sportspersons honoured on this occasion were Kavita of Hisar (boxing), who was given a cash prize of Rs 1.17 lakh whereas Pavitra of Hisar (boxing) was given a cash prize of Rs 1.07 lakh. Dinesh Kumar of Bhiwani (boxing), Pramila of Sonepat (kabaddi), Sachin Kumar of Sonepat, Vikas Tayagi of Panipat, Rajender Singh of Panipat, Rajesh Kumar of Panipat, Rajesh Godara of Bhiwani, Sonia Kashyap of Panipat, Parvesh Kaur of Sirsa, Priyanka of Sirsa (throw ball), Ekta of Bhiwani (all for throw ball), Geeta of Bhiwani (wrestling), Sandeep of Bhiwani (boxing), Lalit Narayan of Mahendragarh (sumo wrestling) and Maj Suman Lata of Sonepat (mountaineering) were given a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh each. Pooja of Hisar (wrestling) was given Rs 92,000 and Balraj of Hisar (wrestling) Rs 86,000. Suman Kundu of Jind (wrestling), Hardeep Singh of Rohtak (wrestling), Satender Kumar of Rohtak (wrestling) and Kavita of Bhiwani (boxing) were given a cash prize of Rs 75,000 each while Hitesh of Jhajjar (wrestling) and Praveen of Sonepat (wrestling) were given a cash prize of Rs 50,000 each. Satpal Singh and Yashvir Singh, both wrestling coach, were given a cash prize of Rs 2.51 lakh each.

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